Settled in

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     I have been living in Denmark for over a month now and have gotten used to my new school and surroundings. My daily routine is in place, and I am now looking forward to upcoming school projects and extracurricular activities to fill my time with.

I will be starting my first major project of the school year shortly which is referred to as the CA1. This project involves a company presenting their current circumstances and issues they would like to resolve to the class. The project is overall focused on developing a marketing and innovation strategy to address a real company current environment. From this point, our assigned groups will need to construct a schedule and a plan to reach the specific milestones set for us. We will need to reach these milestones by the set deadlines to move forward in the project. At the end of the project, the top groups will further refine and present their solutions to the class and company.

I am looking forward to this project as I think it will provide a unique learning experience for me. This is because I will need to understand the problems that are currently facing a real business and try and find suctions for them. I believe this will be a good learning opportunity as it is based on real current problems and not predefined problems in a case study.

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Outside of class, I had recently signed up for Danish lessons and will be starting them in early October. These lessons are offered through the local municipality and are independent of VIA. The Danish lessons are quite flexible in timing allowing me to choose to take them twice a week from 5-7:30 or on Saturdays from 12-5. The Danish lessons offered will take approximately 12-18 months to complete and is based on four-month modules. They will start with basics pronunciation and move towards grammar and writing, followed by a standardized test given to all language school in Denmark. I look forward to taking these lessons as it will allow me to have a better internship or possible job opportunities in the future.

VIA also offers a variety of different workshops and courses that you can take outside of your studies. These can range from animation classes to public speaking. I have recently signed up for a six-week course on entrepreneurship and innovation. This course will focus on developing the skills necessary to be a successful entrepreneur such as formulating business plans, prototyping, networking and pitching your ideas. This course will be approximately three hours per week and will provide great opportunities to meet and network with different people. I believe it is important to take advantage of these extra courses/workshops as they will only compliment your education and improve your profile moving forward.

Dagan Steinke