Landing in Denmark


     Since arriving in Denmark, I can honestly say I have felt quite an uplifting sense of excitement. I am truly looking forward to both the educational and the personal growth opportunities that I will experience during my time abroad.

I am excited to see how business is conducted in a European country and how it compares to Canada. The differences between the two cultures and specifically the management/human relation styles are something I look forward to seeing first-hand.

I believe that gaining an international perspective on business is very important as more companies expand across borders and the internet continues to bring people closer together. Many business courses at NWCC teach that globalization will continue to shape the future climate in business. This is something that I believe is true and will remain conscious of moving forward in my education.

Even though I am very excited about this opportunity to study abroad, I have felt some anxiety since arriving. I know this is a normal feeling that mainly comes from the uncertainty around a new experience. Fortunately, over time most of these uncertainties will fade when I gain more experience and do more research. In time, I will no longer be wondering where the grocery store is, what bike route to take, or how to use the school website. Dealing with ambiguity is a lesson that is taught in several of my past business courses and is one I believe is necessary for success.

I believe that my time at NWCC has prepared me to take this opportunity through providing me with a foundation of self-discipline. This is mainly due to the organizational skills that I have learned over my two years in the Business Administration diploma program. By needing to keep track of multiple assignments and finding time to study I feel that I have gained a strong foundation to start on. This will allow me to manage my time more efficiently abroad as I hope to improve these skills further.

At this time I can honestly not speak too much of the culture in Denmark and the educational system. Since arriving, most of my day's has been spent in government building requesting forms, filling out forms, and asking if people can repeat what they have said in English. I am excited to start school shortly and begin to experience the culture in Denmark.

Overall, I look forward to both the good experiences and the challenges that I will face during my time in Denmark. I hope to further my education and gain some real-world experience throughout this next chapter in my life.


Dagan Steinke