Time Management

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   My classes and extracurricular activities are now starting to pick up steam as I move into the second half of the semester. I, now more than ever, will need to have effective time management skills to reach my goals and obligations. Time management is a skill I feel I was able to develop a foundation for during my time at NWCC truly. This is because NWCC was my first post-secondary experience in which I was fully accountable for my actions in regards to studying and meeting deadlines. Thus I was able to gain experience in prioritizing my tasks based on importance and deadlines.


I have now been taking Danish lessons for nearly three weeks and can honestly say they are more challenging than I initially anticipated. The Danish lessons are designed for students who already have experience learning a second language, and as a result, the learning curve is quite steep for a mono-linguist. Most of my difficulties have stemmed from the actual pronunciation when speaking danish over being able to understand or write the language. Danish has many different sounds and pronunciations in its alphabet that are simply not found in English. Thus I often am not able to pronounce the subtle differences between letters such as O, Å, Ø, and Æ at this time. Overall, I am enjoying the Danish lessons but now realize that for me to truly learn the language, I will need to spend a significant amount of time practicing outside of class.

During my short time in AIESEC, I had the great opportunity to apply and participated in the elections to become a vice president in my local committee's executive board. The executive board is composed of various positions for the different departments of the organization. These positions include VP of incoming global talent, incoming global volunteer, outgoing global entrepreneur, outgoing global volunteer, talent management, marketing, and finance. The application process included answering questions on the application form, completing personality tests such as the Myers Briggs test, and completing a five-minute speech followed by fifteen minutes of questions.

After this process, I have the opportunity to be the VP of finance for my local committee. I will start my term in mid-January after being fully trained by the current VP and by attending conferences on position. My responsibility will include bookkeeping, making quarterly financial statements and overall ensure the portability of the local committee. I look for to this opportunity as I believe it will be a challenging experience that will allow me to further develop my accounting/finance skill through real-world application. 


Dagan Steinke